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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?

Rebel Muse Tattoo Denver is located at 3538 West 44th Avenue, Denver, CO.

The building is on the corner of 44th and Lowell, across from Safeway.


Are you appointment only or do you take walk ins?

My schedule is entirely appointment based; however on the occasion that I have a last minute cancellation, I'll usually post about it via Instagram, @DannyElliott_Ink


How do I make an appointment?

Please visit my contact page and email me with the requested info. You will get an automated response with further instructions, and after receiving all the necessary information from you, I'll go over how to leave a deposit so that the appointment is actually booked. 


Can I set up a consultation?


I ask for enough information via email that a sit down consultation is typically unnecessary. If you would still like to set one up, we can set a time for you to come in via email to discuss your concept fully; alternatively, you’re always welcome to stop by during business hours and I can answer a few quick questions - just call ahead at 303-477-1580 to make sure I’m working before driving out.

What tattoo projects do you typically take on? 

I'm really interested in a wide range of realistic and animated imagery, and I mostly work in color. A general list being: 

- pop culture, movies, video games, Disney / Pixar, portraits, sports action shots/ athlete tattoos, still life imagery like food, skulls and flowers, animals, nature, space, etc. 

Basically, the more freedom you can give me with the design process, the more creativity and passion I can put into your piece. If you're set on making me your artist, give me a fun starting point and let's just see where it takes us. 


How long is the wait time?


I'm currently booking 6 months out, but email me as soon as you’re ready and I’ll get you my earliest dates available.


What if I need to cancel/ reschedule my appointment?

Deposits are nonrefundable, so in the event of a cancellation the deposit will be forfeited. Should you need to reschedule, your deposit will not be forfeited provided you give me a minimum of 72 hours notice, and it does not become a reoccurring issue. 


What is the deposit requirement? Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?



The deposit can range between $250-$500 depending on the size of the piece, and the amount of design time involved. With a single session piece it will come off the total for that day, but in the case of a sleeve or back piece the deposit will be held until the final session so that a new deposit isn’t required for each sitting. My rate is roughly $250 per hour, but I typically charge a flat rate for the day which includes 5-6 hours of tattoo time.


Do you take credit cards or is it cash only?


The studio is cash only unless we make arrangements beforehand. In the event that we do use your card, additional fees will be required. 



Can you draw my design before I book the appointment?



I don’t design anything before getting a deposit, and even then due to my busy workflow, I typically do not have time to design your tattoo until the a day or two before. I find this works best for my creative process, but I also only schedule one tattoo per day so that if any changes need to be made the day of, we have time allotted to do so.



Do you do cover ups?


Yes I do take on cover ups, but the process is different. Typically the new tattoo needs to be significantly larger, and in some cases your idea simply won’t work, but we can definitely discuss options. Sometimes a few sessions of laser removal treatment is also necessary before covering it - it just depends on how dark the old tattoo is, and what you would like to put over it.

What do you recommend for aftercare? How should I get ready for my session?


Please visit my preparation and aftercare page (tab located above) for more information.



If there are any questions I haven’t answered here, please include it in your email to me and I’ll answer as best I can.

Thank You!

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