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Best Tattoo Artist of Dallas      Dallas Observer                                        2019                   
1st place Best Portrait             Harvest Moon Expo - Denton, TX            September 2019
3rd place Best of Month          TattooAwards.com                                    April 2019
1st place Best of Month           TattooAwards.com                                    March 2019   
2nd place Color Realism          Tattoo the Lou - St. Louis, MO                  May 2018
1st Place Best Portrait              Star of Texas Art Revival - Austin, TX       January 2018
Best of Day                                 Showdown Fest - Dallas, TX                     April 2016
1st Place Meduim Color           Showdown Fest - Dallas, TX                     April 2016
2nd Place Large Color               Ink Life Tour - Oklahoma City, OK          October 2015
2nd Place Asian/ Japanese       Ink Life Tour - Longview, TX                     August 2014



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Tattoo Energy                                                December 2018
Tattoo Energy                                                November 2018
Texas Inked magazine (Web Article)          October 2018
Voyage Dallas Magazine (Web article)       July 2018
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Slithers and Scales of Inspiration              October 2016
Tattoos For Men                                           September 2016
Skin Deep Magazine                                    September 2016
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